About Danné

The 40 year-long career of skin guru Danné King is well documented by his hundreds of articles published worldwide for many decades and the numerous articles written about him.

If there would be one person to be credited in turning the history of professional skin therapy into what it is today, Danné would be that person. He has inspired doctors and therapists in over 20 countries to re-evaluate how they treat their clients and to avoid the hype that often accompanies much of the marketing of products and machines. His candor and constant search for the truth behind what works in skin treatment and what does not has created much controversy in the field of aesthetics. But his simple concept of “remove, rebuild, protect and maintain” has become the credo and mantra for thousands of skin care practitioners all over the globe, even as far as the mountain cities of Tibet where he is portrayed on the entire wall of a building in the capitol city of Lhasa. Most of his predictions regarding what works and does not work have come true - his early research on collagen, vitamin C and even electromagnetic wave therapy being documented back in the 1980’s.

Today, Danné continues to be a leader in the science of skin care and sans âge now has the complete and unique benefits of his many years of research to apply to the products in the line.

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