Does using steam or very hot towels open up my pores and should I follow this with cold rinse or cold towels to close them?
Pores are the excretory glands of the skin. The only time they OPEN is when either sebum oil or suderiferous secretions come OUT of the skin. This is basically oil and water from our own skin and provides us the ACID MANTLE we need to keep our skin naturally moist and supple as in youth.

As we get older, these “openings” in the skin become clogged with old, dead skin cells and hardened sebum wax. The skin can then suffer from TRANSEPIDERMAL WATER LOSS and appear dry and dull. Professionally, we refer to this as “cuticle build-up" (similar to what happens to the heels of our feet). The sans âge management system removes this build-up which clears the pore openings and allows the secretive glands to function normally. Contrary to popular belief, pores do NOT open and close like little windows with heat, cold or steam. The word ASTRINGENT is an ACTION, not the name of a product, and so-called ASTRINGENTS do not close pores. These myths were brought about by products that would temporarily “puff up” dead cells around the pores, thus making them look “smaller.” Also, heat and intense cold has a “rubecient” effect on skin, creating a temporary edema or swelling of the cells that, likewise, make the pores appear to be smaller.

What type of toner should I use to remove the deep impurities in my skin after I cleanse it and refresh my look?
The word TONER is meaningless unless you are referring to a product that alters the color or “tone” of your skin. A good cleanser will remove ALL debris, toxins, pollution and soil from your skin, but should not strip the skin totally of its natural acid mantle. There are many “tingling “ingredients, including alcohol, that make the skin feel cool and “refreshed.” Actually, these types of ingredients could dehydrate the skin even more.

I read that famous celebrities keep their skin young by constantly moisturizing. Should I use a moisturizer several times a day?
The word “MOISTURIZER” was invented in the 1950’s as a word to sell beauty crèmes. Actually, there is no such thing. Most crèmes merely “grease” the outside dead cell layer of skin, releasing the tension on dead cells which can “feel” moisturized. The only natural moisture is water and this must be occluded INTO cuticle free skin with an occlusive lipid— imitating our natural acid mantle. And herbal spray applied to the skin after the excess dead cells are removed is nature’s way of “moisturizing.” Crèmes, which contain lipids, should act more as a “delivery system” of proteins, antioxidants and other nutrients while at the same time “occluding” or holding the water in the skin for several hours daily.

Do black, Asian and caucasian skins need different products to suit their different bio-chemical aspects?
While it is true that there ARE different chemical and physiological aspects to pure ethnic type skins, the basic and fundamental care is the same. Certainly, more severe problems that differ from race to race must be addressed by specific professional treatments and temporary “target” products. But the classic removal of dead skin cells, stimulation of the skin’s enzymatic functions, feeding the skin's protective layer and maintaining nutrients is the same for everyone.

I see “natural” skin care products offered everywhere nowadays. All of them claim to be supporting the greening of the planet? Are these types of products better for my skin?
The words “natural ingredients” means very little. One would have to go to Mars to find something that was not natural or indigenous to the planet earth. Even plastic started out as a dinosaur at some point.

Nearly all safe ingredients as controlled by the FDA, EU and INCI regulatory departments are natural in their original state. Many cosmetics now are claiming to be “chemically free.” Everything has a chemical base no matter what the source. Everything on the planet is, in fact, composed of four elements.

The word organic is also misleading, unless it is used to refer to how a plant or tree is farmed (e.g., without harmful pesticides, etc.) The end result of a cow eating grass is organic, but one would not put this on one’s face! Plant extracts in fact ARE very synergistic with human skin chemistry and can offer good sources of enzymes, vitamins and proteins. Certain fish oils are also very active in skin cells and provide nutrients. Minerals can be used as screening agents against sun damage and several co-enzymes (vitamins) can be synthesized to work effectively. The word synthetic is often misused as something being “fake or unnatural.” In fact, it comes from the Greek meaning" to put two or more things together to create a third end product".

Are preservative or paraben free ingredients the best for my skin?
Any skin care product formulated without preservatives would be filled with micro-organisms and bacteria in a very short period of time—at great risk to the user. Also, these types of products would have to be refrigerated with a very short shelf life span and therefore not suitable to being shipped very far from the site of manufacturing. In fact, it is illegal to produce topical-use products for sale without preservatives as a health measure. There is no real supporting data or scientific test trials that show parabens to be anything more then totally safe for use—and they have been used since the 1920’s. There are many types of safe preservatives that actually HELP the skin in regards to local bacteria, molds and fungus. No matter how NATURAL a skin care range would claim itself to be—there has to be preservative system in the formulation. To claim otherwise is false advertising and misleading to the public. The natural and organic movement is not new. It was even more rampant in the 1960’s with many products becoming rancid or spoiled very quickly until FDA regulations changed. The current trend appears to be more politically motivated than actually scientific.

What are the best anti-ageing products or ingredients to use?
Unless a person is willing to wear a total facial masque of old fashioned titanium dioxide or zinc oxide and looking like a mime—there is no such thing as an “anti-ageing” product or ingredient.

Everyone is going to age—subject to sun radiation, gravity and hormonal changes. Nothing can prevent this. There is however, AGE MANAGEMENT, based on our concept that “age doesn’t matter, looking good does.”

There is a great deal we can do to reverse the effects of aged skin—based on the premise that all signs of ageing are premature and the result of defense mechanisms of the skin. Skin DOES try to defend itself against outside environmental attacks by allowing the dead skin cells to build-up, kind of like a coat of armor against sun radiation and pollution. Pigmentation becomes dark and uneven as melanin cells rush to the surface every time the skin is attacked (the reason we tan in the sun in the first place!)

When this burden of dead cells become too thick, all of the other cells’ functions underneath start slowing down production—the skin appears dry, aged and wrinkled. AGE MANAGEMENT simply means that the excess dead cells are removed and the newer, baby cells are protected, fed the correct nutrients and kept alive a little longer. Healthy skin IS younger looking skin.

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