The concept of sans âge was formulated almost 25 years ago. sans âge CEO Alec Wilder was an international model in the 1980's and early 1990's after returning to the U.S. from working in Paris and Milan for two years, while on assignment for Marshall Fields in Chicago, he overheard some models talking about a skincare specialist by the name of Danné King who had greatly helped their skin. The models traveled the world quite frequently and because of the different environments and time changes, they found it difficult to keep their skin looking clear and healthy all the time. They told Alec that Danné's treatments were the best they had ever experienced and his products were second to none to anything they had ever used. Alec had always been interested in skincare and had tried many of the different products and treatments available in the numerous places he had lived and traveled throughout the world. Being a very curious person, he contacted Danné and started treatments. He was immediately impressed with Danné's immense knowledge of skin care and method of treatments. It was evident from the start that Danné's products were far superior to anything Alec had ever come across in any of the places he had lived or traveled. His methods not only made sense, but were easy to understand while at the same time efficient, offering the best results he had ever seen.

Since Danné's products and treatments were only available through private clinics at that time, Alec received in-clinic treatments whenever possible and supplemented them at home using Danné's products. Thereafter, it seemed that wherever Alec traveled, almost not a day went by when he didn't receive compliments about his skin. People regularly tell him he has not aged in more than 20 years.

Having been so personally impressed with the products, Alec had suggested to Danné many times throughout the years that he should create a line to offer to the general public so that they could also benefit from his innovative product research. After all, so many people did not have access to the private clinics where effective treatments and products were offered, nor did they have the time for appointments given their busy schedules. During this time, Danné was not receptive to the idea of a retail product line because he wanted to devote the necessary time to ongoing research for his professional line of products.

Finally, after many years of offering a full-range of professional products, Alec along with many others, convinced Danné to offer his expertise to the general public through a line of retail products. Although this line was not designed to take the place of in-clinic personalized treatments for serious skin conditions, it would provide the general public access to the most innovative and best products from the research science of Danné. Hence, sans âge was created.

We wanted a name to convey that skin can be kept looking young through proper care. sans âge is a French phrase that translates to "without age" or "ageless". We, at sans âge, believe that you can be on the road to ageless skin by using our products in the proper way.

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