Key Ingredients

There is no one secret or magical ingredient or formula that exists that will alleviate all skin problems including ageing. The cells of the skin do not respond to any ingredient or formula either in natural or synthetic form that they do not recognize. Likewise, ingredients in each product must be synergistic with EACH OTHER to match the chemistry of the skin as close as possible to provide a maximum and ideal environment for absorption which in turn promotes healthy skin. All ingredients are available to everyone and the most important thing to remember is how these ingredients are sourced, processed (for purity) and combined to give you the best results possible.

Three of the key ingredients we use that help to deliver amazing results in some of our products are beta glucan, seabukthorn oil, and asiatic acid.


This little polysaccharide, harvested from delicate yeast cell wall extracts, just happens to be the favorite “food” of the langerhans cells. The langerhans cells under a microscope resemble little “octopuses” with long arms that have a big mouth at the end (called a macrophage). Their job is to reach out and snatch and destroy any invasive free radical or invasive molecule that is not supposed to be in the skin. They are the IMMUNE ARMY of the skin and body and for some reason when they get a good dose of high-quality beta glucan, it is like spinach to Popeye the Sailor Man! Their arms become super strong as they battle age promoting free radicals for hours each day! They are also vital to sunburn victims. It is well-known that when skin is sunburned, the DNA records the insult forever—even on a fifteen year old teen! Later in life, this insult is played back like a bad tape recording and the person ages faster than if they had not burned their skin at all! Beta glucan applied BEFORE sun bathing or within a half hour after an accidental burn, helps cancel the insult and the skin cells do not record it. Used medically during surgery, scars are minimized and burn victims heal 50% faster! It is truly one of nature’s natural miracles.

Beta glucan is not new—and in fact there is a lot of it available on the market. But as an early researcher of this remarkable polysaccharide over 30 years ago, Danné King discovered that there were all kind’s of beta glucan—some very weak, many which denature quickly if not formulated properly and most products containing beta glucan use far too little of the ingredient due to its expense. Finding his own source used in the fishing industry in Norway and later by the military for wounded soldiers, Danné has maintained the finest, most potent supply in the world and has given this access to sans âge.


On a trip through inner Mongolia two years ago, Danné was invited to a private lab in the wilds of this remarkable place on the planet. This lab was processing ONE plant for use in traditional Chinese medicine which included health drinks and oral capsules used by Chinese doctors. While aware of the plant seabuckthorn, Danné knew that such plants, when farmed, lose about 60% of their natural powers. There are a few plants on the planet—such as evening primrose oil and others, that maintain full power when grown wild, harvested a few times a year and kept at a certain temperature until processed. Even the processing and extraction methods used are vital to maintaining the integrity of the oils or root and leaf extracts, and the popular “cold press” method is not always the best way.

This lab, to Danné’s surprise, harvested the seabuckthorn from the wild hills of inner Mongolia by villagers and was processed in a lab so carefully that even the German laboratories (known for their excellent handling of botanicals) would be impressed.

Knowing he had many choices of obtaining seabuckthorn from various farms around the world, Danné chose this source and went instinctively through the enormous red tape to import the raw material to the USA. sans âge is honored to have access to this remarkable oil as it contains almost every nutrient known to man. It has been said that if all other supplements disappeared from the planet for some reason and we could keep only one—seabuckthorn would be it!

Medically, seabuckthorn has been used as an anti-inflammatory and epidermal growth factor for internal problems with the stomach, liver and heart. There has been some research that is anti-carcinogenic. It is loaded with antioxidants and when topically applied to skin, creates a barrier against environmental attacks while bringing about a natural shine and clear radiance to the living skin cells. This is due to the fact that it provided numerous nutrients that the skin cells recognize and need to stay alive longer. Like beta glucan, seabuckthorn oil is kind of a “skin food”.


Long an important herb in Ayruvedic medicine, asiatic acid has been used to lower blood pressure, improve memory and promote longevity. It improves blood flow while strengthening the veins and the capillaries — conduit of oxygen and nutrients to all the cells of the body, including the skin. Out of the 28 possible asiaticoside derivatives, asiatic acid shows a strong inhibition of beta-amyloid which promotes free radical cell death.

While there have been many medical claims of the variety of illnesses helped by asiatic acid, sans âge focused primarily on its effects of the skin as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. The most stunning aspect of well-grown and processed asiatic acid is, that in combination with vitamin C, it enhances new collagen fibers in aging skin, which progressively firms and tightens tissue that is collagen deficient. Ascorbic acid alone will help to produce new collagen fibers (which are like little cables under the skin that support the entire structure of tissue) but the addition of ASICATIC ACID to the formulation insures a more efficient and faster result.

Again, going along with the concepts set forth by Danné King that SYNERGISM of ingredients that work well together for maximum end-result as opposed to cluttering up products with every so-called new ingredient known to man. sans âge has made age management easy and within the reach of everyone.

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