Our Philosophy

We, at sans âge, wanted a simple, but effective AGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that was based upon the professional in-clinic treatments enjoyed by the wealthy, celebrities and persons who have terrible skin anomalies yet have access to private clinics that offer advance skin care treatments. This was a difficult task — to formulate professional-type products offered to the general public at a reasonable cost.

Even more difficult was the task of creating a protocol that could be used by everyone regardless of gender, race, color or age. Danné cautioned us to stay away from so-called “miracle” ingredients or popular buzz word products and stick to basic, human fundamentals.

This project entailed educating people on how their skin works, why they have problems in the first place and putting to rest a great many myths and half-truths that are rampant in the cosmetic and medical fields today.

After exhaustive research and many meetings with Danné King, we narrowed our formulas down to the following basic human needs:

  • Everyone has some degree of excess dead cell build-up.
  • Everyone has a little battery in each skin cell called the mitochondria. This organelle is responsible for the life and death of each cell. It needs energy to stay alive, thus keeping the cell alive longer. This energy is supplied via blood and oxygen, using the capillaries (blood veins) of the skin as a transport system.
  • Every person needs their natural acid mantle maintained so that skin can be soft, supple and appear brighter and more youthful.
  • Everyone needs a nutrient system that keeps living cells fed with the chemistry they recognize - helping the skin appear tighter and firmer from the very first treatment, and more contoured and lifted progressively with religious maintenance.
  • Many people who are not experiencing the deeper aspects of age want to know what sans âge can do for them. The old saying, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" really applies to those people. Starting early, a person can maintain their youthful look well into their late 60’s as Danné himself has done. People who are already suffering from signs of age or troubled skin can expect amazing regeneration in a matter of weeks.

Nobody has to look older; age is simply a number. Everyone deserves the opportunity to look better, regardless of age. In fact, we, at sans âge maintain,
“age doesn’t matter, looking good does.”

The research team at sans âge searches the globe for the most effective ingredients for each product. In some cases, there are dozens of ingredients in a single product, each providing a specific purpose. In most cases, these products are natural plant-based or marine–based, but on rare occasions, use of synthetic-based ingredients are required to provide the necessary effects as well a preserve it for effective home-use. Regardless of the ingredient, you can be assured that sans âge sources the highest quality ingredients, in many cases hand-soaking the herbs locally as opposed to sourcing them at a lower cost from international distributors. Of course, we never test any of our products on animals.

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