I have been using sans age products for three months and have seen a major difference in my skin. The cleanser is fabulous. It takes off both eye and skin make-up. The moisture mantle keeps my skin hydrated and makes it ready for the transdelivery C and total delivery crème. Since using the eye revise I see less puffiness around my eyes. I've noticed a brightness of my skin tone and my age lines are less deep. My skin looks like it did 10 years ago.
Renee S., Suffern, NY

I've been using the sans age line of products for a few months now and am very excited about the results I have experienced. My skin, which is excessively dry, is feeling more pliable. I've lost the sensation of my skin being so taut that it feels like it's being suctioned by a vacuum. Applying just a minimal amount of product is sufficient to achieve the sense of being well moisturized. My skin hasn't felt this toned and this healthy in years. I will continue to use these products and am looking forward to seeing further results.
Pam M., Davenport, IA

I have been using sans age total delivery betaglucan creme for the past four months on my sun damaged, weathered skin after trying an array of other skin care products over the years. Just wanted to let you know how amazed I am at the results! That weathered appearance has been minimized enormously and sometimes, I am so taken aback by the unbelievable drastic change in my skin, I want to pull out a magnifying glass to check the accuracy of my vision. I just love this product and have recommended it to everyone I know. Thank you sans age for bringing back my skin!!!!
Cindy E., Minneapolis, MN

I am a 48 year old male and I have been using several of the sans age products for around two to three months. I heard many great comments about this brand but was anxious to try it out to see if it really works. You read so many testimonials about products on the Internet and I have tried several but none of them worked. I am currently using the complete cleanser, moisture mantle, trans-delivery "C", total delivery and eye revise. Specifically I was really interested in using the products that would help reduce the dark circles and sagging under my eyes. I am happy to say that several of my friends have commented on my younger appearance. My skin feels tighter and you can really see a noticeable reduction in the sagging and dark circles under my eyes. Thanks to the products of sans age; great work guys.
Chuck B., New Orleans, LA

Sans age is the best skin care line I have used. The moisture mantle not only moisturizes my skin but tones as well. The eye revise eye cream really helps to firm and fill in the lines around my eyes. My skin looks brighter than it has in a long time.
Maxine L., New York, NY

I am writing to thank you for your marvelous line of products. As a former agent to many well-known stars and also having to help those in my own family look their best, I have been constantly searching and trying products from all the major companies for over twenty years. Well, I want you to know that my search is over. Your products - all of them - are quite simply great. I have never seen results like these, in rejuvenation, luster and tone. If this stuff had been available twenty years ago Hollywood would have looked a lot better! If she were alive today, my grandmother Marlene Dietrich would have been your best customer - she, like I, knows when something actually works and isn't just a lot of "hype". All continued success, which in my opinion is assured.
J. David Riva, Director/Producer

Thank you sans age for your products! It seems like I have tried everything out there for my eyes with no results until now. I bought the eye revise and transdelivery C and not only have I seen remarkable results, but it is the first time I can acutally feel products work. Also, they are the only products that I have ever used that absorbs without rubbing them into my skin. I just started on your age management system and already can see a big difference. Thanks again.
Darren D., Los Angeles, California

I want to thank you for your products. After spending thousands of dollars on my skin care, I finally have found a line that actually delivers what it says it can and at a price I can afford. I have suffered from sun damaged skin most of my adult life (I am 55) and thanks to sans age, I can now say I see a big improvement. My husband is so impressed he has started using them also. Your total delivery creme is the best on the market. Thanks again!
Sandra M., Miami, Florida

What a great concept you have with your age management system! I have never had the time to devote to taking care of my skin. Your system is so easy to understand it makes using the products a breeze. I was always confused with the different products I had bought in the past and never had the great results I am getting now with sans age.
Steve L., Phoenix, Arizona

I am hooked. I always thought I had to pay a fortune and did (sometimes up to $500.00 for eye cream) for products and then to find out they did not work. All of them were just hype. Your products are not only the very best I have ever used, but so affordable. I have turned all my girlfriends on to your products and they also are raving about them. Your eye revise and transdelivery C are truly the best products I have used. I can actually feel them work. Thanks again.
Laurie P., Boston, Mass.

Talk about affordable and efficient. How do you do it? I thought spending a fortune was the only way to get great skin. Boy was I wrong! Your products are the best on the market. I am about to order more because my girlfriend keeps taking them. I am waiting for more products to be released in your line.
Kenny L., Tacoma, Wa.

I was always confused about what to buy and when and how to apply my skin care products until now. Thanks for your age management system! It is so easy to understand how and when to apply the products but also the results blow me away! (I have bought all your products!) All my friends are asking what I am doing because my skin has never looked this good. Also, thanks for explaining all those skin myths I have heard for so long and helping me understand my skin.
Sierra D., Macon, Ga.

Eye revise it second to none. My best friend turned me onto it and boy am I glad she did. It seemed like I had used everything ever put on the market with no results. I honestly have never used a product that when you just dab it around the eyes, it absorbs in without rubbing it. And what great results!!!The puffiness and bags have greatly diminished. I just ordered your transdelivery C to use with it along with your other age management system products. Also, its the first time I have used an eye cream that does not cake up when I apply my make-up. Keep up the good work.
Pat K., Nashville, Tn.

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