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The general public nowadays is frantically searching for products to offset the signs of ageing and other skin problems. With the rise in the baby boomers population, the internet, magazines and private beauty therapy salons are offering a confusing array of products that promise miracles, instant results and alternatives to surgery with a plethora of endless miracle ingredients. Many people try one product, then another, then several at the same time—hoping to look like the model in the ad who's unrealistic before and afters seem like magic overnight!

Actually, the skin, our body’s largest organ—responds to very fundamental chemistry—the chemistry that the skin cells recognize as nutrients that they need in order to stay alive a little bit longer bringing maximum health to the picture you see when you look in the mirror every morning. Using a crème or lotion that is packed with every latest miracle ingredient known to man, along with peeling products, actually confuses the physiognomy of the skin—creating even more defense mechanisms which do one of two things:

  • Creates contraindications by increasing the dead cell build-up which can become dry, cracked and uneven skin tones. In addition, the opening of the skin (pores) become blocked and the natural acid mantle from our two secretive glands that provide us with nature’s ONLY moisturizer is compromised. Underneath, all new cell proliferation slows down and the skin appears aged and spotty prematurely.
  • One can view this phenomenon on an older woman in a swim suit at the beach. Her face is wrinkled and hyperpigmentated and sagging. The backs of her hands look like old gloves and her neck and decollate looks raddled, cracked and sagging. But the area around her breast is much smoother and clearer—10 -15 years younger looking NATURALLY. This, of course, is due to the fact she wears clothing all day long thus keeping those areas away from harmful solar and environmental attacks plus the fact most people do not apply a bevy of products on those areas like they do on the face! In short, that breast tissue is her real age! The face and other areas exposed are just skin cells trying to protect themselves by setting up an “armor plate” against outside attack!
  • Applying products that confuse the skin often results in NOTHING happening; no result at all—which is ultimately bad in itself. Ninety-five per cent of all products on the market fall into this category.

The research team at sans âge became aware of this simple medical truth preached for 40 years by skin guru Danné King—who at age 65 bears testimony to his concepts which are practiced in countless medical and skin revision clinics worldwide for nearly 40 years. The sans âge management kit, designed to bring professional results at home without the high cost of private treatment, uses a unique delivery system with our products and limited but fundamental ingredients that are highly active and do not confuse the receptors of new and living skin cells.

While we are aware there are a great many people out there with serious skin anomalies that WOULD require specialized treatment and symptom focused products, we have selected the most efficient way to bring about fundamental results that cross gender and ethnic lines. AGE MANAGENMENT FOR THE HUMAN RACE.

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